Gibberish is literate and illiterate

In Stephen Fry’s the Joy of gibberish we learn many things about well, gibberish. There are a lot of things this podcast touches upon like how different groups use gibberish to communicate, however, the most intriguing one to me was the fact the gibberish will be nonsensical and is known by all but understood by none. As infants, we begin to coo, babble, and eventually make more weird intricate sounds. It is said that gibberish develops our ability in being able to speak languages when we reach ages like 2 1/2 or 3. Our gibberish filled tongues undergo a metamorphism to be able to make noise that is meaningful: words. It is debatable whether gibberish is understood by those who speak it impartially like infants or animals. In fact it is arguable that animals do understand “gibberish” as other animals have been shown to react to it. I think it is because we can’t understand it that we belittle it into nonsense. A baby can communicate with its mother using gibberish. Since babbling is a step before learning how to talk I think that the emotion is still carried out in the baby talk. Babbling is also used by other animals like the Songbird, pygmy marmosets, and the sac-winged bat. Their ability to babble like human infants is linked to how similar our brain develops. If I were to use babbling in my sound composition I would record my baby sister who seems to be running her mouth. She spews so many sounds ranging from pigeon noises to turkey gurgling and it’s super cute and makes you want to go “aww”. She use her gibberish to communicate as in many instances I’ve heard her react with it in various tones.



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